Student Learning Outcomes

CUNY's general education framework lays out requirements that undergraduate students across CUNY must meet. The framework allows students to explore knowledge from various perspectives and to develop their critical abilities to read, write, and use language and symbol systems effectively. It also aims to develop students' intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning.

In addition to the Pathways learning outcomes listed below, all Queens College General Education courses must satisfy the following two criteria:

  • Address how, in the discipline(s) of the course, data and evidence are construed and knowledge is acquired; how questions are asked and answered.

  • Position the discipline(s) in the liberal arts curriculum and the larger society.

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning courses must meet ALL of the following learning outcomes:

  • Interpret and draw appropriate inferences from quantitative representations, such as formulas, graphs, or tables.

  • Use algebraic, numerical, graphical, or statistical methods to draw accurate conclusions and solve mathematical problems.

  • Represent quantitative problems expressed in natural language in a suitable mathematical format.

  • Effectively communicate quantitative analysis or solutions to mathematical problems in written or oral form.

  • Evaluate solutions to problems for reasonableness using a variety of means, including informed estimation.

  • Apply mathematical methods to problems in other fields of study.