Graphs & Tables

  • This video explicates how to create a bar graph, which presents categorical data with rectangular bars, using data from a survey.

Histograms 📺

  • This video illustrates how and when to use histograms to visualize the frequency distribution of a data set.

Line Graphs 📺

  • This video explains how and when to use a line graph to visually represent data, particularly data that changes over time.

Pie Charts 📺

  • This video illustrates how and when to use pie charts to visualize data. Pie charts are circular charts divided up into segments (or "slices") which each represent a value.

Scatter Plots 📺

  • This video shows how to construct and read scatter plots, which are used to observe relationships between variables.

  • This video explains how to read and construct box and whisker plots (a five-number summary of a set of data), which are used to graphically depict groups of numerical data through their quartiles.

  • This video explains how to organize data into frequency tables and dot (line) plots.

  • This video explains the difference between a linear scale and a logarithmic scale. On a linear scale, the value between any two points will never change. A logarithmic scale is one in which the units on the axis are powers, or logarithms, of a base number. Exponential growth curves are displayed on a logarithmic scale.